Nacisco What?!

 The Brand, Per Silvia Melo McNemar


         Hi, there!

         It's me, Silvia, founder of Nacisco Benephina. It's my pleasure to have you here. I'll start by introducing myself real quick: I am 35 years old and originally from Brazil, though I've been in the U.S. since 2015. Jewelry has always been a great passion of mine. Now, in the Summer of 2023, it is finally time to fulfill a lifetime dream and create my own fine jewelry store.

          Some curiosities about the brand: Nacisco Benephina takes its named in honor of my grandparents, Nair, Francisco, Benedito and Josephina, who had a significant influence in my life and values. For that, the name is Na-Cisco Bene-Phina: NAir, franCISCO, BENEdito, and josePHINA.

          The hummingbirds on the logo represent my (one - step, and one - still in our dreams) kids, whom I wish to develop as many amazing memories as I did with my beloved parents, Rose and Jose Luiz. The whole business actually started because my mom and I have shared many memories together involving jewelry throughout the years, from me selling bead jewelry in school at the age of 9, to later on exchanging favorite pieces back and forth with each other. Those are some of my favorite memories, and I wish to continue the tradition by extending that same loving feeling to other families.

          Finally, the brand was conceived with the support of my best friend, my husband, Kylan, the son of two incredible people, Jean and George, and an amazing father to Reese, who I met at the age of 6, and I have loved dearly ever since.

          Thank you all for the support in my endeavors and I hope to return the love and trust with beautiful pieces, so those memorable stories are a part of your life too.

          Com muito amor,

          Silvia MM