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Double Puff Heart Station Paper Clip Bracelet

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How does this bracelet stand out?

The Double Puff Heart Station Paper Clip Bracelet symbolizes love and connection. The two heart-shaped stations represent a deep bond or relationship between two individuals. The paper clip design suggests the strength and unity of that connection, holding it together with style and elegance. It's a symbol of affection and commitment.



Product Type: Bracelet

Chain Type: Paperclip Bracelet

Quality: 14K Yellow Gold

Length: 7.5" (Approx. 19cm)

Description: Double Puff Heart Station Paper Clip Bracelet

Finish State: Polished

Chain Closure: Lobster Clasp

Unit: Each

Millimeter: 2.80mm

Gauge: 050

Approx. Weight: 2.24g


More information:

This exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Paperclip Bracelet, measuring approximately 7.5 inches (19cm) in length, exudes elegance and sophistication. Its unique design features Double Puff Heart Stations, adding a touch of sentimentality to its polished finish. The secure Lobster Clasp ensures easy wearing and removal, while the 2.80mm thickness and 050 gauge make it both delicate and durable. Weighing approximately 2.24 grams, this bracelet is a stunning accessory that seamlessly combines style and emotion, perfect for any occasion. Each piece represents a timeless connection and is a testament to the craftsmanship of this beautiful jewelry.


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14K Yellow Gold / 7.5 Inches


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