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14K Yellow Gold Lumacina Chain With Flat Disc Stations

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What does flat disc jewelry symbolize?

The Lumacina Chain with Flat Disc Stations symbolizes a celestial journey of illumination and connection. The radiant flat disc stations represent guiding lights and the interwoven chain signifies the unbreakable bonds.



Product Type: Chain

Chain Type: Flat Disc Stations Chain

Quality: 14K Yellow Gold

Length: 18" (Approx. 45cm)

Description: Lumacina Chain with Flat Disc Stations

Finish State: Polished

Chain Closure: Pear Shape Lobster Clasp

Unit: Each

Millimeter: 0.90mm

Gauge: 035

Approx. Weight: 3.16g


More information:

Embrace the captivating allure of the Lumacina Chain with its uniquely eye-catching flat disc stations. The golden discs add a touch of celestial elegance, catching the light with every movement. Whether you choose to wear it as a stand-alone piece, allowing it to shine in all its glory, or incorporate it into your layered ensemble, this chain effortlessly enhances your style, making a statement that exudes both sophistication and a sense of cosmic connection.

Versatile and chic, the Lumacina Chain adapts seamlessly to any occasion. Its minimalist yet radiant design makes it an ideal choice for both casual and formal wear. Whether you're seeking a touch of elegance for a special event or adding a subtle touch of celestial charm to your everyday look, this gold chain with flat disc stations is the perfect embodiment of timeless beauty and contemporary allure.


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